Gerard M. Anderson, 2010

Sheilah P. Clay, 2017

Cynthia N. Ford, 2000 Vice Chair

Joyce Jenereaux, 2016 Chair

Michelle Johnson Tidjani, 2020 Treasurer

Leslie A. Murphy, 2015

Donna Murray-Brown, 2022

Philip B. Phillips, 2021

Kristi D. Plain, 2020

Susan Schooley, M.D., 2005

Dr. Felix M. Valbuena, Jr., 2021


Kate Levin Markel, President
313 963-3495

Heidi A. Alcock, Director of Grant Development & Communications

Vanessa L. Samuelson, Director of Learning & Reporting

Marcia P. Gardner, Grants Manager; Executive and Board Administrator

Ashly B. Jurek, CPA, Director of Finance & Investments

Malika Pettigrew, Accounting & Operations Associate

From left to right: Heidi A. Alcock, Kate Levin Markel, Ashly B. Jurek, Malika Pettigrew, Vanessa L. Samuelson, Marcia P. Gardner