Gerard M. Anderson 2010
Cynthia N. Ford, 2000
Vice Chairperson
Joyce Jenereaux, 2016
Michelle Johnson Tidjani, 2020
Leslie A. Murphy, 2015
Kristi D. Plain, 2020
Richard L. Rogers, 2013
Susan Schooley, M.D., 2005
Bill Shelden, 2001

On Leave of Absence in 2020

Sheilah P. Clay, 2017


From left to right:
Vanessa L. Samuelson, Ashly B. Jurek, Heidi A. Alcock, Kate Levin Markel, Marcia P. Gardner, TeQuion M. Brookins

Kate Levin Markel, President
313 963-3495

Heidi A. Alcock, Director of Grant Development & Communications
Vanessa L. Samuelson, Director of Learning & Reporting
Marcia P. Gardner, Office Manager & Executive Assistant
TeQuion M. Brookins, Director of Operations
Ashly B. Jurek, CPA, Director of Finance & Investments