Foundation Directed

The Fund also directs grant support to strengthen the nonprofit sector, address discrete citywide and regional opportunities and challenges, and honor our founders’ legacy. Applications are not solicited for these grants:

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Organizational Capacity

The Fund supports a limited number of efforts to strengthen the capacity of the nonprofit sector, including memberships in industry organizations and funding for local management support organizations, such as Nonprofit Enterprise at Work and Michigan Community Resources.

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Tools for Engagement

The Fund supports quality efforts that contribute to an informed society. High-quality journalism, data infrastructure and research capacity, and independent policy analysis are examples that inform and facilitate greater civic engagement. To this end, the Fund provides annual support to Bridge Magazine, the Michigan League for Public Policy, Citizens Research Council, and Chalkbeat.

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Collaborative Initiatives

The Fund supports foundation collaboratives offering approaches to tackle some of Detroit’s more intractable problems or seize a unique opportunity, such as Head Start Innovation Fund,  New Economy Initiative and the Detroit Regional Partnership.

Vital Civic Assets

On occasion, the Fund supports a Detroit asset, institution or civic cause that is critical to the economic and social interests of the city and its residents. Support has included participation in the Grand Bargain to resolve the bankruptcy of the City of Detroit.

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Trustee Designated and Matching Gifts

The McGregor Fund offers members of its Board of Trustees the opportunity to designate limited funding for educational institutions in recognition of their service. A matching gifts program is also available for Trustees and staff.

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McGregor Legacy and Memorial

The Fund makes a small number of grants in honor of our founders’ legacy and memory, as well as those who have served at the Fund. Past support includes the digitization of Tracy McGregor’s collection of Americana at The Tracy W. McGregor Library of American History at the University of Virginia, and the construction of the Campbell Terrace on Detroit’s Dequindre Cut, a project of the Detroit RiverFront Conservancy.