In 2014, the Fund engaged TDC to better understand how nonprofit organizations who were aligned with our grantmaking priorities in the tri-county area were capitalized. We also sought to bring a set of resources to grantees to deepen understanding about the concepts of capitalization and practical strategies for capitalization. This work continues with an ongoing deeper study about capitalization trends in the tri-county area. Below are several resources that introduce capitalization concepts and their relationship to organizational health and sustainability.

Capitalization in Nonprofit Organizations: A Shared Challenge
Commissioned by the McGregor Fund, this presentation provides an overview of nonprofit capitalization concepts and what nonprofit capitalization looks like in Detroit and introduces key concepts in creating a capitalization strategy.

Capitalization Terms and Definitions
An overview of types of capital.

Getting Beyond Breakeven
A review of capitalization needs and challenges of Philadelphia-area arts and culture organizations. Findings include that strong financial literacy does not always translate into robust financial health. The study also examines TDC’s analysis of practice changes which could bridge this disconnect.